Friday, 6 March 2009

an update.

..ok yeah so i said id put some artwork up soon and i haven't but get over it! i don't have photoshop on my computer at the moment...but i will sort that at soon as my computer starts acting like a computer and not a complete and utter tool.
In other news I have a new tattoo! which im completely and utterly in love with..and it means an awful lot to me too. Its on left side of my chest..picture makes it look a little different because of camera angle and such but you get the idea yeah? Designed by Me and done by Matt @ Tattoo U 2, Cardiff. Please don't steal my go nuts if i saw this on anyone else really i would.
err went to see 'the unborn' this wednesday..its pretty messed up..the acting was a little poor but i always find acting is pants when it comes to horror...makes you jump alot though so its wortha watch if you wanna give your heart a little work out. Reminded me a little of the exorcist. id give it 5 outta ten...
i don't have anything else to report so ill leave it at this :-D
Ciao Bella!

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