Thursday, 13 November 2008

3:02 AM

so yeah that title is indeed the time...just a rough sketch i fancied doing. im probably gonna go to sleep now...well maybe...i consumed 2ltrs of DR Pepper.....

Sketch ATTACK!!!!

Just some recent Sketches. =)

Monday, 10 November 2008

Etcha Sketch Fun

Okay so my birthday was like a month ago and my boy got me an etch a sketh as one of my lovely presents...this is a note I wrote the other day while i was waiting for him to return from work. I have images of art work that ive done on there too but i preffered to put this up. gnna wit til im PROOOfessional until i start chucking more etch a sketch stuff up.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Third Year

Started my third year of the animation course today properly..scary stuff. Not sure what im gonna do for alll my projects yet but ive got some ideas that need to be improved greatly. got to talk to my tutor for a good while today so he can work out what im about...i dnt even know what im about though..
wanted to avoid to character design this year cos i hate it more than when an eye lash gets in your eye but it doesn't seem like it can be avoided. grrrr.
I haven't got the brief for the year yet so i think when i get that it'll guide me a bit more. So yeah i'm just gonna post stuff that i do from now onwards because i want to. so far so good...i hope my last year of education is a fun one!
Ciao Bella!