Saturday, 25 April 2009

April 25th

Last Sunday I decided to start a thing called 'Seven Sunday' where you complete 7 tasks within two or more subjects...and i liked it so i'm gonna keep it up..and i'd like others to start it to. It makes sunday a better day. So yeah this was my list for last sunday...

Yeah the drawings i managed..i did alot more than seven that day...but tryna drink 7 cups of tea was silly...even though i managed around 8 a day when i first discovered i liked the stuff.
Also thinking that it was possible to apply for seven jobs in one day was a little stupid too cos of the state of the economy right now..but that ones gonna stay on the list.

these are some of the drawings i managed mixed with other ive done in the last week...

I dyed my hair ginger. the box said it was gonna come out infra red...oh well better for summer i guess..least it won't be forever....

Over and Out!!!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter everyone!

Hope the bunny came for all of you! he brought me a massive mini eggs egg! i got so excited my nose nearly bled...
err yeah i scanned some stuff yesterday from my tattoo scanner was being a knobface though and splitting a4 pages into sections when i didn't get to scan as much as i wanted. I'll do that when i get back to my cardiff place. S0o yeah these are a few designs that will be featured in my upcoming portfolio..its the first time ive ever drawn tribal and i dnt think they look half bad..
Ive been messing around with patterns for the stars with wings. they were fun to do and yeahhh.

Hope you likey please don't stealy with out permission. Gratis

and haha i almost published post without the picture..dummy!