Thursday, 6 August 2009

This site is fun! Check me out haha


Been drawing pin-ups this week!...its been quite a while since i updated...but thats about to getting my act together...finally. thanks to my lovely boyfriend.. uhh yeah here are some..........
I love love love pin-ups. I hope to specialise in drawing these in all different styles one day

Night folks!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

First Attempt.

First attempt of tattooing...traditional rose on grapefruit. Im happy with the way it turned out. It was well fun! and not as difficult as i thought it might be.

I don't wanna say much more. I'm angry, i have a headache and i need some food..

Saturday, 2 May 2009

second of may

yeah just some recent sketches. Real quick. Ive been trying to draw hands daily cos they're the hardest thing in the world to draw..i think once you can draw good hands you can draw anything..all sketches are done with biro...average of about 2/3mins each i reckon.

Off to the Newport Tattoo convention on Monday I can't wait! Ive got my business cards i mean business :-P should be a fun day!...i may get a new piercing....

Anyways hope you likey.
ciao for now

Saturday, 25 April 2009

April 25th

Last Sunday I decided to start a thing called 'Seven Sunday' where you complete 7 tasks within two or more subjects...and i liked it so i'm gonna keep it up..and i'd like others to start it to. It makes sunday a better day. So yeah this was my list for last sunday...

Yeah the drawings i managed..i did alot more than seven that day...but tryna drink 7 cups of tea was silly...even though i managed around 8 a day when i first discovered i liked the stuff.
Also thinking that it was possible to apply for seven jobs in one day was a little stupid too cos of the state of the economy right now..but that ones gonna stay on the list.

these are some of the drawings i managed mixed with other ive done in the last week...

I dyed my hair ginger. the box said it was gonna come out infra red...oh well better for summer i guess..least it won't be forever....

Over and Out!!!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter everyone!

Hope the bunny came for all of you! he brought me a massive mini eggs egg! i got so excited my nose nearly bled...
err yeah i scanned some stuff yesterday from my tattoo scanner was being a knobface though and splitting a4 pages into sections when i didn't get to scan as much as i wanted. I'll do that when i get back to my cardiff place. S0o yeah these are a few designs that will be featured in my upcoming portfolio..its the first time ive ever drawn tribal and i dnt think they look half bad..
Ive been messing around with patterns for the stars with wings. they were fun to do and yeahhh.

Hope you likey please don't stealy with out permission. Gratis

and haha i almost published post without the picture..dummy!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

25th of March..

Just a quick update...went to see tattooist yesterday about apprenticeship again..showed him aload of stuff and he liked it...says theres 2 other girls interested in the job too so ive got some competition!! but im gonna work my arse off this week and take him a heap of stuff next tuesday. that apprenticeship will be mine dammit! hehe
A homeless woman stopped me in the street yesterday and asked me would i like to buy a lucky charm...i thought 'they can't be that lucky'...i wish id asked to see them though haha old chewing gums in the shape of men or something.

Im currently listening to american radio...its like being inside the GTA games..if you get me?
im gonna post some stuff soon..maybe a few tribal pieces (uch) and whatever fun stuff i get up to.

ciao Bella!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

a tatse of my moleskine

yeah i edited a couple of pages together on photoshop...not the best editing but whatever..
muffins minieggs and milkshake..its a good day =D

Saturday, 7 March 2009

did these today

just thought id chuck these pages from my moleskine up...biro and ink. not great but not too bad. the pics doesnt do em justice..

i did mean to start my canvas today but i have so many ideas for it
so i wanna wait a bit..

uhhh yeah. over and out!

Friday, 6 March 2009

an update.

..ok yeah so i said id put some artwork up soon and i haven't but get over it! i don't have photoshop on my computer at the moment...but i will sort that at soon as my computer starts acting like a computer and not a complete and utter tool.
In other news I have a new tattoo! which im completely and utterly in love with..and it means an awful lot to me too. Its on left side of my chest..picture makes it look a little different because of camera angle and such but you get the idea yeah? Designed by Me and done by Matt @ Tattoo U 2, Cardiff. Please don't steal my go nuts if i saw this on anyone else really i would.
err went to see 'the unborn' this wednesday..its pretty messed up..the acting was a little poor but i always find acting is pants when it comes to horror...makes you jump alot though so its wortha watch if you wanna give your heart a little work out. Reminded me a little of the exorcist. id give it 5 outta ten...
i don't have anything else to report so ill leave it at this :-D
Ciao Bella!

Monday, 23 February 2009

First update of the year?

Ok so i decided to drop out of uni over a month ago...and i do NOT regret the decision..which is pretty sweet. I did think about it for weeks before i did it though.
Ive been looking for part time jobs for weeks now but it seems there are no jobs out there :-S unless its just me or something. Ive been drawing but not as much as i should and although i wanted to work on a portfolio i haven't really got anything im happy with to put in it.
I emailed a couple of local tattoo artists a week or so ago asking for some advise on portfolio and a guy emailed back saying he has an apprenticeship position going and invited me round. So i went..and things look pretty sweet! If all goes to plan ill be starting in April! which im stoked about. he told me i have to learn to draw tribal and celtic...which ive been putting off the last couple of days cos i HATE tribal/celtic. whats it about?! anyways this news has given me a kick up the arse and im gonna work really bloody hard to get where i wanna be!
So watch this space. Ill be posting over the next couple of days!