Wednesday, 25 March 2009

25th of March..

Just a quick update...went to see tattooist yesterday about apprenticeship again..showed him aload of stuff and he liked it...says theres 2 other girls interested in the job too so ive got some competition!! but im gonna work my arse off this week and take him a heap of stuff next tuesday. that apprenticeship will be mine dammit! hehe
A homeless woman stopped me in the street yesterday and asked me would i like to buy a lucky charm...i thought 'they can't be that lucky'...i wish id asked to see them though haha old chewing gums in the shape of men or something.

Im currently listening to american radio...its like being inside the GTA games..if you get me?
im gonna post some stuff soon..maybe a few tribal pieces (uch) and whatever fun stuff i get up to.

ciao Bella!

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