Monday, 23 February 2009

First update of the year?

Ok so i decided to drop out of uni over a month ago...and i do NOT regret the decision..which is pretty sweet. I did think about it for weeks before i did it though.
Ive been looking for part time jobs for weeks now but it seems there are no jobs out there :-S unless its just me or something. Ive been drawing but not as much as i should and although i wanted to work on a portfolio i haven't really got anything im happy with to put in it.
I emailed a couple of local tattoo artists a week or so ago asking for some advise on portfolio and a guy emailed back saying he has an apprenticeship position going and invited me round. So i went..and things look pretty sweet! If all goes to plan ill be starting in April! which im stoked about. he told me i have to learn to draw tribal and celtic...which ive been putting off the last couple of days cos i HATE tribal/celtic. whats it about?! anyways this news has given me a kick up the arse and im gonna work really bloody hard to get where i wanna be!
So watch this space. Ill be posting over the next couple of days!

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